We are mapping the locations of lost fishing gear via surveys and models, working safely to recover abandoned gear and collaborating with local communities and industries.

Our Mission

To protect marine animals and sensitive ecosystems from the devastating effects of abandoned, lost or discarded fishing gear and marine debris through research, collaboration, gear removal projects and educational initiatives.

Mapping and modeling

Bringing together sources of data that help build a picture of where we might find discarded fishing gear. Working out where the biggest problems are being caused and developing models that allow us to predict impact and location.

Surveying and testing

Testing our assumptions and models via dive surveys: once we have predicted the location of gear we survey underwater sites and collect real data. Through this testing we develop recovery methods and discover more about the impact of abandoned gear on marine ecosystems.

Recovery and recycling

By employing commercial diving standards, we are seeking to develop comprehensive methods for working around these complicated recovery sites. As we build this library of information we will share it with any group to help build a collaborative body of work that helps minimize the problems of lost fishing gear. 

The work performed by ESPS is much needed and, until recently, a severely lacking area of research and action along the coast of British Columbia.
— Joel Baziuk, Steveston Harbour Authority