World Oceans Day 2019


On June 9th, 2019 Emerald Sea was out spreading the word about Lost and Abandoned Fishing Gear at the Victoria World Ocean's Day event at Fisherman's Wharf.  The team had multiple events happening throughout the day to keep the public busy and engaged.  Two dives were held at noon and 2 pm where three divers went below the Fisherman's Wharf and returned to the surface with everything from tires, a walking cane, a wallet, many bottles, giant crab trap, a large blue barrel and giant balls of fishing line.  The public then worked with on land Emerald Sea crew to remove any living organisms from the debris and "visit" with the critters for a while in touch tanks before returning them to the sea.

Also on shore was a large tent display with information on Ghost Gear as well as a game and crafts for the children to stay busy while adults chatted about the information and retrieval happening.  Special thanks to the co-organizers of this event Greater Victoria Harbour Authority and Eagle Wing Whale Watching Tour as well as Patagonia for providing prizes for this event.

See some media coverage from the event in the Victoria News here.