A summary of our upcoming and ongoing projects

Haida Gwaii: Charlotte City Marina Cleanup and Tsunami Debris Survey

ESPS is currently preparing for a survey and clean up of the area in and around Queen Charlotte City marina. Over the last decade abandoned gear has built up on the breakwater there, and local action is being taken to recover and recycle that gear. We are hoping to work with this initiative to extend the efforts to include the surrounding sea bed, and submerged structures which are likely to have a variety of lost gear and large scale contaminants. We will be donating our time equipment and expertise to this project, though we are fund raising for the travel costs of our team reaching the site.

Salish Sea: Pender Island Salvage

Photo credit: Peter Verhoog, Ghost Fishing

Photo credit: Peter Verhoog, Ghost Fishing

Working with the Northwest Straits Initiative (NWSI), World Animal Protection (WAP) and  the Global Ghost Gear Initiative (GGGI):  ESPS will be collaborating on the salvage and recovery of an identified discarded seine net which became snagged on a spire just off Pender Island. We'll be sending a team to work on the recovery of the net. This net will then be processed and recycled.


SALISH Sea Protection Project

In addition to the Pender Island lost net salvage, ESPS will begin implementing Phase 1 of the Salish Sea Protection Project in the Gulf Islands and southern mainland coast. This work will be the basis for developing our survey and removal methodology in addition to the lost gear "hotspot" identification model.   



ESPS is partially based out of Ucluelet and Tofino and we are working with multiple community stake holders in the Clayoquot Sound region. Our next project will be a shore-dive clean up of marinas in Tofino and Ucluelet, removing the extensive waste that comes with increased recreational and industrial traffic.